Illegal dumping creates metro eyesore

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) Two illegal dumping sites on 37th and Browne Street have created a mess that neighbors say has been a problem for years.

Residents say the trash keeps piling up, even after it's removed.

Steven Woodrich is sick of the mess. "I've never seen it clean," he said.

Woodrich and his dog Na'vi have lived in the area for two years. They walk past the pile every day.

"I can't walk my dog up and down the street because there is so much glass," he said.

Lisa drives past the mess every day. "It's ridiculous," she said. "We all have to live in the neighborhood. We do the best we can to take care of what we have but this diminishes it a lot."

While one pile is on the corner of 37th and Browne, another is tucked away in the woods off 37th.

Woodrich said it's disheartening. Day after day it seems to get worse.

He said, "I guarantee you it's a lot of people in this area because they are grabbing this stuff and they don't want to move it far to dump it so they are driving it over here where there are no cameras and they just chuck it over the side."

Lisa and Woodrich both think that people are tossing their garbage so they don't have to pay for the dump.

We talked to the city about this specific instance of illegal dumping. A spokesperson tells us they are investigating.