Ice jams cause flooding along Platte River

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- The thought of more flooding — after last spring's devastation — is making thousands of people who live along the Platte River anxious.

But it's not exactly the same as last year's flood; this time, much of the blame is on ice jams.

Those jams are tenuous at best, and warm Sunday temperatures could change everything in an instant. 6 News witnessed the unpredictability first-hand during Live at 5 newscast Sunday.

When 6 News' Lileana Pearson started her report, County Road 19 was completely clear. But just 20 minutes later, towards the end of our newscast, 6 News crews saw waters rise yet again.

It just shows how unpredictable these ice jams can be. That's why emergency crews want everyone in that area to be prepared to get out in a moment's notice.

Preparation is definitely key when seeing that as waters change in just minutes.

6 News spent the day here talking to people about how any flooding now causes anxiety among people and how that fear has driven people to act.

You've met Inger Kindler before.

"It's happening again because it was so fresh in our minds."

Saturday, she watched ice on the Platte River behind her housebreak and rush downriver to form an ice jam.

"You just start shaking and it's like praying like this God don't let this happen and be so bad like it was last year."

The heartland flood put her family out of their home for half a year but like many others who enjoy river life, she's not letting flooding drive her away.

"We know we signed up for the floods because obviously, our front yard is a new river but we love it down here and we just."

That mentality is shared by Albert Nielsen. A riverfront property owner, he and others have formed a group to find solutions to constant flooding.

When that river gets in your blood you're there I’ve been there, I like it and believe me, when that river's in your blood...yeah."

Albert and local agencies want to find long term fixes to problems that pop up every time it floods.

“Apartments for part of the team to Dodge County people are part of the team the roads department just a group of people we come out and keep track of the river."

To a future on the banks of the Platte River, community members are learning how to live alongside a part of nature that it unpredictable.

The Dodge County Sheriff did say this type of flooding is seasonable and happens often but he is still encouraging people to have important documents and an overnight bag ready to go in case the unpredictable happens.