HEARTLAND FLOOD: I-29 exits closed south of Highway 34; only stop in Glenwood

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GLENWOOD, Iowa (WOWT) Iowa DOT reopened I-29 from US Hwy 34 south to the Missouri border this week.

It's the second time the stretch of interstate closed and reopened since March’s floods.

Flood waters that crept back up to the interstate receded once again and I-29 is open for travel, but travelers need to be ready.

"If we would've gone any further we would've been stranded and we wouldn't have known where to go,” said Linda Ashby, who’s traveling south on I-29 to Tennessee.

"Repairs from the March event held in place. We did have to go through and replace some shoulders,” said Scott Suhr with the Iowa Department of Transportation.

A 12-foot width restriction from Iowa DOT is making it safe for drivers headed north and south on I-29 through the state, but access to the road doesn't mean access to everything along it.

"We were getting close to being out of gas,” said Linda Ashby. "We saw 50 miles and we were like, 'Oh my God, we're going to be out.'”

Travelers headed south from Omaha to Missouri have just one safe haven for gas fill-up or restroom breaks before it's behind them.

"Only place you can get fuel would have to going to Glenwood on US 34, because the two truck stops that are on the intersection of I 29 US 34 are currently closed,” said Suhr.

South of Glenwood, Iowa - all exits are closed - until you reach Rock Port, MO, a near-hour-long stretch with no outlet.

"On our way back, it said it was open, so we went ahead and took it and we got to that point and, 'Oh no, you know. Is it closed? We have to get gas immediately,” said Linda Ashby’s husband, Peter Ashby.

The Ashbys drove all-day Wednesday to make the long return home to Tennessee after a vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

They almost shorted on fumes on I-29, but spirits were refueled by a gas station oasis on a long stretch of highway.

"We were kind of worried there for a minute, and then we just pulled up our GPS and found a little gas station right here."

Mills County, Iowa officials also announced the Plattsmouth Bridge over the Missouri River is reopened.

The county engineer says flood damage on Lambert Rd. has been repaired and deemed safe for travel.