Huskers pack momentum for 'a challenge in front of us again'

LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) -- The Husker football season winds down with a road trip to Iowa City this week and Coach Scott Frost said Monday, "We've got a challenge in front of us again."

The challenge this time comes in the shape of the Iowa Hawkeyes hosting Nebraska on Friday.

That Friday games shortens the week and speeds up the prep time for the Huskers after a hard-fought win over Michigan State on Saturday.

Frost said, "The guys' tanks are little bit empty be we've got enough to make it through one more week."

And they'll be packing last weekend's win for the trek across Iowa. Frost said, "The big part is we got a bunch of momentum going right now," and he's hoping that can provide the fuel to cap off the season with another victory.

The coach sees that as important for the team, for recruiting and for building a foundation for next season.

After a challenging 2018 campaign, Frost said, down the road, "We're going to look back and cherish this year," for the building blocks it put in place. He said the team on the field right now is a better football team than the record reflects.

Nebraska vs. Iowa
Friday, Nov. 23 @ Iowa City
11 a.m.