Husker athletes team with researchers to shed light on concussions

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LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) -- University of Nebraska athletes are teaming up with researchers to help shed new light on the threat of concussions.

Husker athletes team with researchers to study concussions

The Center of Brain Biology and Behavior, located in the southeast part of Memorial Stadium, researches brain activity of athletes as they participate in their sports.

Director Cary Savage said, "This is a collaborative effort with the university and students."

The 30,000 square foot building was built five years ago but this type of research started in 2018.

Legendary Husker Coach Tom Osborne helped inspire the project and Coach Scott Frost continues the effort for more research by making his players get an MRI before the season starts.

"We're the only university who does a baseline report on every student athlete in a contact sport," Savage said.

The department also uses different types of technology including EEG tests. The test requires a person put on a type of head gear that picks up senses in the brain.

Savage said this allows for more accurate research. "It can measure down to the millisecond to see what's happening rapidly," he said.

The department is funded internally but will look for federal funding next year.