Hundreds of bats flood the Omaha night sky

Published: Apr. 18, 2017 at 10:19 PM CDT
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More than 250 bats were released Tuesday night from the Joslyn Art Museum. It wasn’t some diabolical plan. It’s an effort to educate youth and help the environment.

Every year the bat release gives the Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Inc. a chance to teach families about the importance of bats in our ecosystem. The bats are recovered over the winter months mostly from homes.

Winter is hibernation season for Nebraska bats. They mostly eat bugs. Simply releasing them back into the wild will only endanger them because their food source of insects dies off in the cold months.

“We hibernate them after they have a good weight and then they’re ready to go back in the spring when the insects are back out,” said Laura Stastny from Nebraska Wildlife Rehab.

The local kids we spoke with learned new facts about the night creatures. They were glad to hear that bats help take care of the mosquito population.

“It’s cool how they go out in the night and they sleep upside down and stuff,” said JJ Greve.

If you ever get a bat visitor in your home you’re asked to deal with it in the best way as to not hurt yourself or the animal. For more information on how to get the bat out and to a safe place you can find resources by