Hundreds of Yale Park displaced await a sense of direction

Published: Sep. 21, 2018 at 1:59 PM CDT
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Inspectors have turned up approximately 1,000 violations at the Yale Park Apartments - problems that prompted the city to shut the complex down on Thursday.

In their initial pass through units in the complex at 34th and Lake, the former Tommie Rose Garden Apartments, inspectors turned up gas leaks, carbon monoxide threats, bed bugs, lice and more.

On Friday, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert said all of the units had been inspected and, "We have approximately over 1,000 violations."

She said, "We did consider this, some of these conditions, life-threatening which is the reason that why we felt it was critical that once we had those formal complaints that we went into those buildings and did the inspections as soon as we could."

Utilities were shut down, “Danger Closed” signs went up and more than 500 people were displaced.

The city initiated a mobilization not unlike that of a post-disaster relief plan.

Most of the tenants spent night one on cots at the Adams Park Community Center and Columbus Park Community Center.

Steve Frazee, with Open Door Mission, said the community can help see to the needs of the people suddenly without a home.

Frazee said they need large diapers, size 4 and above and wipes. But that is only scratching the surface. They need culturally-appropriate food.

“Diet is pretty simple. They like rice, eggs, beef, chicken and vegetables,” Frazee said. “We are trying to get food they would enjoy.”

Frazee said they do not need water. That’s been provided. But they can always use donations.