Huge cavern under northwest street, homeowners fight to fix it

Published: Aug. 28, 2019 at 12:16 PM CDT
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Homeowners in Northwest Omaha are praying that the street doesn’t collapse from under them during their daily commutes, 6 On Your Side investigates the hazard.

Nolan Harmon, a homeowner in the area, is able to crawl completely under North 67th street due to a cavern that has formed in the Northern Hills subdivision.

“We’re walking on hallowed ground,” said Harmon. “I can go almost all the way across the road to the other side.”

Harmon worries about not only his truck driving over the weak ground, but trash trucks, delivery vans, and even children playing outside.

“Well if I was a little kid I’m sure I’d go play underneath there, you wouldn’t know the inherent danger with the cavern,” said Harmon.

Andy Mayer, another homeowner in the subdivision, wants it fixed.

“Everyone can tell you why it’s not their issue, everyone can tell you what needs to happen to fix it, but no one will fix it, and no one will help us,” said Mayer.

Developer Keith Edquist claims the undermined street is caused by drainage from Sudbeck homes.

Melvin Sudbeck won’t comment but points to a letter from the city demanding the homeowners association to fulfill its obligation to fix the street.

Homeowners say the developer didn’t tell them to set up an HOA so, there isn’t one.

“So every day it’s a roll of the dice as to whether this street is going to collapse,” said Kevin Lode, a homeowner in the area.

The developer told 6 News that he’ll try and convince the home builder in the area to make a fix by September 15, and if he doesn’t then the developer promises he’ll bring in a crew at his own cost.