Housing advocates launch rental accountability website

Published: Feb. 19, 2019 at 4:50 PM CST
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Housing advocates launched a new website Tuesday that aims to hold the City of Omaha accountable for the conditions of rental units.

The website was launched the same day Mayor Jean Stothert briefly addressed plans for an ordinance on rental housing. Stothert said the ordinance would require mandatory registration for all landlords, and that it would be free. She also said inspections would target landlords with non-compliant code violations in the last three years.

The city has also been under pressure from State Sen. Justin Wayne to come up with an ordinance, since his introduction of

; a bill that would force Omaha to set up a landlord registry and proactive inspections of rental units built more than five years ago.

Tenants experiencing substandard living conditions will be able to submit photos to the website, which organizers plan to display there.

“We want our government to see how serious this is,” said Hannah Wyble of Restoring Dignity.

A desire for rental property regulation comes from the exposure of conditions at the

apartment complex, where

were found and all of the

That owner was

, but Sen. Wayne and

want to make sure other landlords are held accountable for living conditions as well.

The website is called

and is available for tenants to use.