Hot weekend not affecting business at Omaha Farmer's Market

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- It may have been a hot weekend in the metro, but it didn't stop hundreds from going out to the Omaha Farmer's Market, which many vendors say didn't hurt business either.

Droves of people flooded Aksarben Village Sunday, proving business doesn't stop even if it's hot outside.

"Today is a great day to be out here, and I see a bigger crowd today," owner of Wilderness Guitars Al Nelson said.

Temperatures were well into the 90s all weekend long, which is why staying hydrated was crucial.

"We have a lot of water for the kiddos and milk for the littlest," Jess Ackermann said, who came to shop at the market.

Others also recommend staying in the shade and protecting your skin from the sun.

“We are in the shade. We have some lemonade and water and that kind of stuff. We’ve got a nice breeze. It’s really nice," violinist and performer Clara Maloley said.

Aksarben Cinema even saw a steady flow of people all day, and General Manager Matthew Maine said the weather, paired with good movie options, definitely drives people to the theater.

“We see plenty of business when it’s hot outside. The theater is actually a perfect place to go. It’s nice and cool here," Maine said.

For the dozens of pet owners, too, keeping dogs safe from overheating was a top priority.

Dog owner Megan Tuccido keeps a close eye on her dog, making sure he doesn't walk on the hot concrete for very long.

"We find him shade, and I always bring him a water bottle. But at the farmer’s market, there’s a lot of puppy friendly vendors that have pools and waters and treats for our dog," Tuccido said.

YappyPack, a pet treat vendor at the market, came prepared with a dog pool and water for the market's four-legged customers.

“Their pads can get really hot, so they jump in the pool. It’s great," YappyPack co-captain Peggy Smith told 6 News.

Regardless of the weather, many at the market said the weekend made for a beautiful time to enjoy the fresh air.