Horse training method draws criticism and anger

Published: May. 11, 2016 at 6:47 PM CDT
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An Iowa horse trainer is denying what so many people are saying on social media: that images, being passed around, show an animal being abused. An expert examined the horse, the pictures, and gave the trainer an earful.

For animal rescuer Genea Stoops, pictures seen by thousands tell one word.

"When I first saw it, I was horrified," said Stoops.

The Director of Hooves & Paws Rescue said she saw was a horse lying down with rope around its legs being hosed down, then covered with a tarp and sprayed again in photos posted on Facebook. The images were posted by 29-year-old trainer Logan Allen. Allen captioned the photos, "bad boy."

"It got twisted and distorted and its not what it looks like," Allen told WOWT 6 News.

Allen brought Prickly Pear to Hooves and Paws rescue to show that the 3-year old horse is alive because the photo of its tongue gave the impression otherwise.

"The picture with his tongue out the horse is licking his lips," said Allen.

But Stoops won't bite her tongue about the training method.

"It's not a technique I would ever even consider using okay. Because later on this horse is going to remember that," Stoops told Allen.

Logan Allen responded, "Well, I will accept your help in training horses," Allen responded.

Never again using a hose method to calm his horses fear of water.

"I was not hurting the horse, I was not water drowning him, or water boarding him. the horses face was never wet," said Allen.

Allen said he wanted to bring Prickly Pear to Hooves and Paws to show that the horse is OK, but he's been concerned about his health and safety.

"There have been death threats, people want to hunt me down," said Allen.

Though hoping to keep the horse, the rescue can't without a court order. And Allen said he doesn't want to surrenders the horse.

"I love horse and cows more than anybody out there and the last thing I want to try to do is hurt one," Allen said.

The Mills County Sheriff said his deputy is investigating. The horse trainer claims pictures showing other acts of animal cruelty once posted on his Facebook page are shared photos and don't involve him in any way.