Hope for a town without a post office

Published: Sep. 28, 2018 at 7:30 PM CDT
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For most people, getting mail just means a short walk to the curb.

In the small community of South Bend, Nebraska, it means a frustrating drive.

Now, thanks to Mike McKnight and Six On Your Side, a solution is being delivered.

For one year, residents of South Bend who walk to the post office have left empty handed.

"We want to know what they're going to do. We want some action. We want our post office back," said South Bend resident Connie Read.

The leased building was no longer cost effective, so more than 100 customers must drive 14 hilly miles round-trip to Louisville for their mail, no matter the weather.

"If the weather is bad, we'll wait a day or two and then go get it," said resident Eldora Bergstrom.

In June, postal officials suggested a modular post office in South Bend, so Rick Clements pitched a new spot.

"There's no phone calls response, there's no written response to letters that have been sent and there's simply dead silence," Clements said.

Contractors believed to work for the postal service have been visiting a consignment store on the edge of town, taking measurements and doing inspections.

The postal service told Six On Your Side temporary cluster boxes have been ordered for placement outside the store.

The store's owner, Bonnie Bruttig, had even more news.

"They're checking out the place for a possibility of leasing out a portion of the store for a post office," Bruttig said.

The long trip to Louisville will be easier to handle with the signs of a promise being delivered.

"So we don't have to drive. We can put a jacket on and our boots and walk down and get our mail at our convenience," Bergstrom said.

A postal service spokesman said four cluster mailboxes that include locked parcel boxes should be installed in South Bend within two weeks.

A site for a permanent post office is still being studied.