Homeowners pushing for help in getting neighborhood park maintained

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- A North Omaha homeowners association says an uptick in a nearby homeless population and a lack of help from the city is posing problems in getting their neighborhood park maintained.

Walking through the Logan Fontenelle Park you'll notice a few things like missing railings and weeds taking over sidewalks.

The Concord Square Homeowners Association is asking the City of Omaha to do its part and step up.

“Our park, for some reason, is becoming neglected," said Ronnie James, the HOA treasurer.

The HOA members represent a mixed bunch. Some have lived there for more than a decade while others are new arrivals. But one thing they share is a love for their park.

“We do what we can do as neighbors."

But that work can only go so far.

Shelly Hollis said, “All it would take would be a weed-killer to kill the weeds that's growing in the sidewalks and now the sidewalks are cracking."

Their fear is that their park will end up broken down just like the park only three blocks to the east.

“If it wasn't for the neighbors in the neighborhood it would probably look just like this. The trash would be this. It would be run down, the weeds would actually be higher than they are now. It would be looking pretty much like this."

6 News has reached out to the city regarding the status of this park and they tell us they haven't heard anything since April when a complaint was made about graffiti that has since been removed.