Homeowners direct erosion worries to neighboring developer

Published: Jul. 11, 2019 at 8:42 AM CDT
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A new development near 188th and Blondo is raising concerns among the neighbors next door.

Homeowners up on a hill say work by the developer down below has them worried about their property going downhill.

One told us, “The worst part is right there at that pole and it’s pulling the whole fence that way."

Another said, “I think its eroding, the ground is eroding. Because the fence is leaning."

Photos neighbors took of the development behind them show the changing shape of the terrain. “It was a gentile downhill slope and now it’s flat and 45 degrees."

But is it causing erosion that jeopardizes property on the high side? That's why E & A, the engineering firm hired by the developer, is getting a lay of the land

The E & A engineer said, "We're trying to facilitate a solution. That's the endgame of this whole program."

Two city inspectors are also looking and listening after homeowners expressed erosion concerns due to the housing development below.

One inspector said, "We're going to keep working with them to make sure the areas that need to be stabilized are stabilized as part of the grading permit."

The homeowners realize the developer and builders are not going to put dirt back on the hillside so they say there needs to be other engineering solutions.

The project engineer asks neighbors what they want done.

Homeowner Keith Leard said, "It’s going to cost a lot of money but a retaining wall, so we don't lose our property."

Developer Tom Falcone says there’s no need to go that far. His crew will soon put up a silt fence and eventually plant trees to hold dirt on the hill.

Leard told Mike McKnight, "When I called you and you started making phone calls, that's when everything started happening."

The developer's project engineer says he'll continue to monitor the site until homes are built on the lots below. He says it’s then likely that sod will be laid up the slope.

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