Homeowners feel decked by their association

Published: Jul. 17, 2017 at 6:29 PM CDT
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A shock in the mail for some homeowners in a northwest Omaha neighborhood. A demand they change the look of their decks or face possible legal action.

Her freshly painted white deck may cause squinting but Sheila Lyons says it's not an eyesore. The homeowner said, "And by doing what I did I feel like I'm protecting the wood so it doesn't rot and fall apart."

Though claiming her deck has been white for 11 years, Sheila got a letter from Westin Hills West Four Homeowners Association requesting a natural wood color.

Backyard neighbor Jack Dross got the same letter from the HOA lawyer saying he didn't get required board approval before painting his deck. Dross said, "I think they're being very nick-picky, it looks way better than it did."

Mick Shafer also got the letter and she said, "It's sad when you make improvements on your home and it looks so nice but a couple of people's matter of opinion they don't like a white deck."

The association lawyer's letter says the board does not wish to file legal action.

Homeowner Jack Dross said, "It feels like they're trying to intimidate me and upset me."

Sheila Lyons asks, "Are they going to put a lien on my house? Are they going to sue me? I don't know."

Townhome Association Attorney Rex Moats couldn't tell Six on Your Side how many homeowners have been sent letters requesting a natural wood color.

Our message left with the listed HOA President has not been returned. Property Manager Mark Lamb of Lamb Realty took our call last week but hasn't gotten back to us today with a comment.