Hit-and-run crash victims want answers

Published: Jul. 14, 2017 at 8:39 PM CDT
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New video sheds new light on a dangerous hit-and-run crash.

"It's surreal," Victoria Osler said. "It's still surreal."

For Osler, it is personal. Watching the video still causes her to cringe. That is because she is the unsuspecting driver of the white car that was hit by a speeding black Jeep. It happened in broad daylight just blocks from her south Omaha home.

"I was not texting," Osler said. "I was not even looking down at the radio, I was just on my way to my friend's house."

Even more brazen, the two men took off from the stolen Jeep. It all happened as Osler was trying to deal with bleeding, scratches and excruciating pain.

"I remember one of them looking at me like he was going to help me," Osler said. "I screamed for help because I needed someone to call 911. They ran away."

Monday's crash has understandably left her shaken up, and she is not the only victim.

"Nobody wants that on the street," Amber May said. "Nobody wants somebody who's going to hurt their family."

May was driving east on I-80 last Friday with friends when she got rear-ended. It left thousands of dollars of damage on her new car. The driver sped off on the shoulder right after. She was hit by a black Jeep with the exact same plates.

"I'm glad that so far everybody is OK," May said. "We haven't found him, so he could do it again and steal another vehicle."

While police look for those two men, Osler said she just wants them held accountable.

"I don't have any sort of vengeful feelings against them," Osler said. "I hope they come forward or the police find them."

As both women know things could have ended up much worse.

Omaha police told WOWT 6 News they have impounded the black Jeep seen in the security video.