School bus hits vehicle, leaves the scene

Published: Oct. 16, 2019 at 8:36 AM CDT
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A hit and run on a parked car might never have been solved if not for an alert neighbor, but what’s unusual about this case is the type of vehicle that didn’t stop.

The front end of her parked car smashed but Kayla Zatloukal didn’t hear the crash until a witness knocked on the door.

Zatloukal said, “He said I don’t know if you heard or you saw anything but a school bus just hit your car and I’m like, hum nope.”

For years she’s parked in front of her sister's corner house where a student transportation bus drops off kids. But Tuesday her car is gone and headed for the shop after the Monday hit and run crash.

Brian who asked to not be identified, witnessed the crash as he came home from work.

“The school bus driver turned in to let the kids and then when he pulled out back on the street the rear of the bus clipped the front quarter panel of the Hyundai parked there. I walked up to the driver window and told him that you hit the car up at that first stop and he either didn’t seem to care or didn’t understand me so I said it again and then he drove off,” said Brian.

After deputies responded, a Student Transportation of America supervisor came back to the scene with the school bus driver.

“He said I didn’t hit that car, I didn’t even hit a car I didn’t hit a car,” said Zatloukal.

School buses have cameras and deputies told Kayla that Student Transportation of America pulled the video from the one that hit her car.

“I’m not sure what exactly was shown but they’re going to take responsibility and cover whatever needs to be fixed,” said Zatlouka.

An expense the nursing student would have been stuck with if not for the witness.

“Oh my gosh yes because we would have never known,” said Zatlouka.

Student Transportation of America will only confirm it’s aware of the crash and is investigating. Douglas County Sheriff crime scene investigators gathered evidence and the hit and run investigation is continuing.