High school students host flash fundraiser

Published: Oct. 11, 2018 at 5:21 PM CDT
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Millard North High School is having what they call a "flash" fundraiser for a second year.

For three days, they are collecting funds for the United Way in a big, but quick, way.

At Millard North, students from each classroom had one minute to collect as much money as they could for United Way.

Assistant Principal Casey Lundgren said giving is second nature for his students.

"Generosity is just instilled in our kids from a young age, so we don't have to do a lot of teaching. We've got great parents, great families within our community, and so once we give them the opportunity to be generous, they jump at the opportunity," Lundgren said.

Each donation bag was then taken to the office one by one, and each bill was counted, down to the last cent.

"Every penny counts, and it all does go back into our community to help our most vulnerable neighbors who are living in poverty," Brayton Hagge with United Way of the Midlands said.

After the money was tallied up, prizes were delivered to the top classrooms.

"Total school wide, which I will announce this in a second, was over $1,400, so that's awesome guys. Good job. So we got chicken, bread and a couple of pizza's down there, so... cheer!" Lundgren announced.

Millard North is on track to match, or even beat last year's total of $3,800. There is one day left in the fundraiser.