High school bands march and play to raise funds for year

Published: Aug. 19, 2017 at 2:11 PM CDT
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Millard North High School and Elkhorn South High School bands performed concerts in separate neighborhoods Saturday morning as a way to raise money for their respective bands.

All it took to get band members to play at a home was a donation, and then the band would play a song just for you.

More than a dozen families were played for Saturday morning, as the bands marched along their routes.

A representative for Elkhorn South tells 6 News, their band played in four different neighborhoods and performed 17 concerts, ranging from one to three songs per home.

It's one of the bigger fundraisers for each school, and money will go toward whatever the bands need.

However, for many band members, it's more than a fundraiser. It's a way for them to encourage some of the younger kids to join band in the future.

"The arts are important because one, they can get your grades up. They help you learn time management. We're not just teaching notes on a page. We're teaching how to be professional, how to handle situations, how to be a leader," ESHS band member Grace Gunther said.

Millard North band members tell 6 News this fundraiser is one of their more popular ones as its a way for them to give back and get to bond with the community, and they always hear great feedback from the community.

"[Trumpet players] just get excited when everyone's happy to listen to our songs. When they pick our favorite song, we get excited, and we thank them. We mean it because it means a lot to us, and we can tell it means a lot to them."

Many bystanders and fans love the performances, especially some of those who aspire to be in their high school band.

"I thought they were really, really, really good because it must be hard to have to walk, hold your arm up and play your instrument," flutist Jadyn Paul said.

Milliard North's band will also perform Saturday evening at the soccer field from 7-7:30 p.m.

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