Hey back-seat drivers! Your day has come!

LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) -- Nebraska is hitching a ride to the future. A driverless shuttle has arrived to ferry the bold from Point A to Point B without the encumbrance of somebody at the wheel.

The autonomous shuttle arrived at Innovation Campus Tuesday.

Lincoln's experiment with driverless transportation is bankrolled by a grant that will put a little white buggy to the test over the course of the summer.

A select-few will get the initial rides and the doors will open to the public at large by summer's end.

The shuttle is an electrically-powered contraption that looks a little like a cross between a Volkswagen and an ice cream truck but that's where its ties to traditional transportation end. Technology handles its git-along. Kiosks and apps will connect travelers with their rides.

At the end of the summer, a new master plan will be submitted based on test findings and feedback from riders. If that plan is selected as one of the top five among the test cities, the shuttle could get additional funding and be a permanent feature in downtown Lincoln.