HEARTLAND FLOOD: Iowa victims waiting for what comes next

PACIFIC JUNCTION, Iowa (WOWT) -- Pacific Junction flood victims face a big decision: stay or leave.

People can either let agencies demolish their homes and rebuilt, or they can buyout. However, with a buyout, nothing can be built on that land again.

6 News spent the afternoon with a family who lost everything, they still aren't sure what their next steps will be.

Pacific Junction isn't what it use to be. Debris lines the streets and homes, torn apart.

A house surrounded by the levee has meaning for the Schultz family.

It's where Linda Schultz beat cancer. It's where her grandson was going to get married. A red "enter at your own risk" card means something else.

"It's time to walk away," homeowner Linda Schultz said.

Linda and her husband, Daniel, lived here for nine years.

"I love where I live," says Linda, "but I can't stay here."

Their home flooded with 15 feet of water. Everything was destroyed.

"We've heard people on the news saying, 'we had 24 inches of water', I will trade any one of them 24 inches of water for this," said Linda.

The frustration of what comes next is shared.

"They are no more frustrated than I am," said Pacific Junction mayor Andy Young.

Some homeowners want to a buyout, but Young says he doesn't want that for his city.

"We can't as a city afford to have 30 - 40 parks within my city limits and survive and that's what FEMA would do for me," said Young.

Dan lost 40 of his chickens. He considered them pets. Many would say he had the best eggs, which he was known to give away freely.

The chickens were kept in a shed out back. The water rose too high, leaving behind belongings in the rafters and ultimately drowning the chickens.

The Schultz's didn't even have time to prepare or grab their belongings. they were in Minnesota for vacation. They watched from a surveillance camera as the water rose out in front of their home.

"This is too much," Linda said.

For now, its either holding out for hope or time to start over.

"No. No, I think we're done," Linda said.

A family friend has set up a GoFundMe page for the family.