HealthCheck: Simulation lab provides valuable experience

Published: Oct. 6, 2018 at 6:04 PM CDT
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Fremont Health is teaming up with Midland University to take medical training to a whole new level.

Students have a new place to learn, thanks to a million dollar state-of-the-art simulation laboratory.

Nursing students can get hands on practice working in labor and delivery thanks to high-tech, lifelike mannequins.

"It's incredible and beneficial," said student Mina Haussler.

She hopes to be a labor and delivery nurse when she graduates next year, and she said it's the simulation experience that gives her the confidence she needs.

"Because I can run through simulations where I am not hurting something, someone if something goes wrong," Haussler said.

It's not just the students who benefit. Fremont Health staff uses the lab too.

"We practice the hard to do tasks and drills to really solidify those skills to make sure we're providing the best care possible," Bobby Johnson said.

Each of three simulation rooms have cameras and microphones to that the entire process can be recorded. When it's done, students and staff can observe themselves and see how they did.

The simulation lab has been in action for two months.