Hazardous dead tree raises concerns for student's safety

Published: Sep. 3, 2019 at 7:14 PM CDT
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A dead pine tree marked for removal by the city last year is still posing a hazard for joggers, bikers, and neighboring residents.

A popular sidewalk route near Millard South needs constant cleanup, according to homeowner Emil Radik.

“This branch was on the walking path this morning,” said Radik.

Radik often cleans the path along Q Street for students walking to school.

“If one of these branches up here comes down and some kid is walking by and it hits them, they’re going to get hurt then the city is going to be liable for it,” said Radik.

According to Radik, the tree has been dead for two years and even though the city has trimmed it, the tree should be removed entirely.

“Anybody that walks this way, somebody is going to get hurt with all these falling branches,” said Radik.

Omaha Park Manager Josh Frey responded to 6 News saying that dead trees could be removed by as early as next week. Frey appreciates the homeowner being patient with the city.