Happy birthday CU - you know the words - sing!

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- It took 140 years to reach the ice cream but, as the scooping attests, the long journey is over.

Creighton University is celebrating its 140th birthday.

Technically it was last Saturday but the ice cream and cookies came out Wednesday and that always makes for a better celebration.

Creighton's President, Fr. Daniel Hendrickson, is excited to be able to salute such a milestone and plans are already in the works for the celebration of 150 years in the community.

“It means everything to us to actually be in the heart of Omaha so we can find ways to be supported by the downtown community and also the greater Omaha area, but also ways to impact it and form relationships with the businesses, the neighborhood, with the community," he said.

Students and faculty flooded the campus mall for the celebratory treats between classes.