Hanscom Park brewery makes progress

Published: Apr. 11, 2017 at 4:47 PM CDT
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Something new is brewing at the corner of 35th and Center in the Hanscom Park. After sitting frozen in time for decades, a building once rumored to be a speakeasy during Prohibition will once again find purpose.

Tom and Lindsay Clements have plans to turn this place into a neighborhood brewery. The building has rumors of an underground history.

"We've heard rumors that - I still don't know if anyone has actually confirmed - that it was a speakeasy directly below us. But actually we can confirm it was a Clanton’s Groceries," Tom said.

The couple believes Clanton Grocery store was here for decades, shutting down in the 1980's. The store sat idle for a while until Tom and Lindsay gave the building a new purpose. They hope to do that without forgetting some of the history of the building.

"We are looking to salvage the original floors which a lot of people have memories of stepping on the creaking floor lot of memories of running here for candy after school running over here for errands for their grandparents,” said Lindsay.

The couple plans to brew beer and serve food; the food supplied by an iconic Omaha business.

"We're teaming up with Stoysich Sausage and we'll be serving their sausages. We'll add our own little fixings to it,” Lindsay said.

They couple also plans to add a family element to the neighborhood.

"The great thing is about this neighborhood is there’s so many families that can walk over we'll have sodas for the children snacks for them to nibble on while the parents enjoy sipping on some suds,” she said. "Our goal is to create a very community-centric atmosphere where neighbors and friends can join here and enjoy one another’s company and hopefully make some new friends."

Right now those thoughts are still under construction. Tom and Lindsey will call their new brewery Vis Major which is Latin for Act of God. They hope to be open in late June or July.