Half-marathon draws 1,000 to Papillion

Published: May. 15, 2016 at 9:51 AM CDT
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Sunday was a great day for sampling the great outdoors. Some sampled it with a little more vigor than others.

The ninth annual Papillion Half-Marathon got underway at 7:30 a.m. The start and finish shared the same location - Papillion-La Vista South Stadium. Runners also made their way through 5K and 10K courses, all part of Papillion's annual race series with proceeds funding community programs.

"Tings are great today," said race director Tim Moran. "It's a nice day and we have about 1,000 runners out here on the course today. The majority of people are having a great time. We've got music behind us. We've got great volunteers out here."

Those volunteers kept the racers going, handing out water and motivation. Since most of the runners weren’t elite athletes, simply crossing the finish line after 13.1 miles was an Olympian accomplishment. It was Nick Preston's first half-marathon and he ran right into the arms of his wife Lauren. “It's pretty good motivation to get to finish to that. No complaints. I'm a pretty lucky guy.”

"I'm insanely proud of him," said Lauren. "He can do anything he wants to. He's very talented."

At the finish line were two rewards, a medal and a free massage, which had 10K runner Vickie Taylor feeling great. "It's fantastic! Her fingers are magic."

Nathan Swenson was in it for the run and along the way he won. "Gorgeous weather. Can't really ask for anything better." His goal was a first-place finish. "I was going to try." He told us consistency and intensity in training were key.

Nathan's wife was also running. "I think she was cheering. I was cheering for her, too, but we were both racing at the same time, so..."

The city of Papillion will continue its race series with the Papillion Days Duathlon on June 19th, an 11.6-mile bike ride sandwiched between two separate two-mile runs.

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