HOA complained about his pumpkin man’s mooning, so he censored it

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. (WSB/CNN) - It’s not scary or even spooky, but Mike O’Neill’s homemade Halloween decoration certainly stands out.

An Atlanta-area resident put up a sign censoring his own Halloween decoration because some of his neighbors said it goes too far. (Source: WSB/CNN)

"It is a pumpkin man who is mooning with his rear-end being pumpkins," O’Neill explained.

But over the weekend, O’Neill decided to cover a certain part of that display with a sign that says “CENSORED BY GBHOA" after the homeowners association of his north Fulton County neighborhood asked him to take the display down.

“So we said we’ll make it less offensive,” O’Neill said. “And that’s when we put the sign up saying its been censored."

O’Neill said he’s put up this same display outside his home in the Grogans Bluff neighborhood off and on for the past decade.

"Great feedback,” O’Neill recalled. “People laughed, lots of picture taking, people stop their cars."

But this weekend, an HOA board member told O’Neill in an email that the neighborhood has had more new neighbors with small children move in and they are finding it offensive.

"It’s purely just to break up the monotony of life, have a little bit of fun,” O’Neill stressed. “This is the time of year where you have a little bit of fun."

While he put it up just to make people laugh, O’Neill now hopes his controversial display might end up making them think.

"Make sure were all a bit more understanding and have a little bit more sense of humor," O’Neill said.

O’Neill said he hasn’t decided yet if he’ll leave that sign up or maybe try sitting the pumpkin man down.

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