HEARTLAND FLOOD: Winslow, Nebraska on path to uncertain future

WINSLOW, Neb. (WOWT) -- When the floods arrived in March Winslow, Nebraska was faced with an uphill fight and things haven't gotten much easier.

Nearly every home in the village north of Fremont took water when the flooding came to town.

After months of work trying to get back on track, Village Trustee Zach Klein says Winslow is facing an uncertain future.

He says there are there choices:

  1. Move the village to higher ground
  2. Rebuild it where it stands
  3. Accept a buyout and move on

They are still in the process of getting details and feasibility studies done on the options while they work closely with local state and federal officals to determine the best plan to pursue.

Officials are holding monthly meetings with residents to keep them updated on the progress. The townspeople won't be forced to leave, but those who stay will have to meet existing regulations for living on a flood-plain.