HEARTLAND FLOOD: Water sloshes wider footprint on 29

Published: Sep. 21, 2019 at 4:37 PM CDT
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More of I-29 was closed Saturday in the wake of the latest punch from the relentless heartland flooding. So were sections of I-680.

A third round of flooding expanded the soggy footprint that sloshed onto I-29. The interstate is closed from Exit 55, which is N. 25th St. in Council Bluffs, up to Exit 71, which is the northern spur of 680 in Loveland.

I-680 east and westbound lanes are also closed from North Omaha to 29.

Iowa DOT Traffic Engineer Austin Yates said, "In March, everything except the bridge we're standing on was underwater. As opposed to that ramp has some water on it, 680 has some water on it. But nowhere near what we saw before.”

At this point Yates doesn’t think additional roads will need to be closed.

"The most recent forecast we got from the National Weather Service shows the river is going to be above flood stage at Omaha for about a week. So, uh, we're just in a waiting game now."

There are signs posted directing people to detours around the water but a 6 News crew noticed a car drive around a Road Closed sign Saturday - a decision that Yates told our Leigh Waldman, could be dangerous.

"If you don't obey the sign and turn around you're going to find yourself in an unsafe condition. And like you've already experienced, Leigh, your phone’s not working up here. So if you're stuck in flood waters, your phone’s not working or your phone gets wet, how is anybody going to get to you? How is anybody going to rescue you?”

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