HEARTLAND FLOOD: Salvation Army shifting resources to help flood victims

Published: Jul. 25, 2019 at 6:52 PM CDT
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Some flood victims will have to travel farther to receive assistance from the Salvation Army, due to the organization shifting their resources from pantry items to case management.

This isn’t stopping people like Charlie Gutekunst, of Shelby, Iowa from getting the help she needs.

“We are living in Shelby, Iowa in a trailer park and that’s a 45 to an hour drive,” said Gutekunst.

Items like canned vegetables, blankets, and cleaning supplies are just a few of the things The Salvation Army is supplying to help people like Carol Jurenes of Bellevue, get back on their feet.

“Mostly what we’ve come to get is Clorox wipes because everything has to be cleaned, every square inch,” said Jurenes. “We just kind of came to see what was left and what they were going to do, we’re very fortunate.”

According to John Gantner with The Salvation Army, this location will close permanently Saturday at 3 p.m.

“We don’t want people to become dependent, we want people to know that hey they’ve been through something but it’s really important for them to learn and stand on their own,” said Gantner.

According to The Salvation Army, they plan to switch from providing supplies to helping with casework. They said their priority is connecting people with the right resources in the community.

“Some individuals are 3 months after it, they're already able to kind of do it on their own and some people have unique needs that are unmet,” said Gantner.

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