HEARTLAND FLOOD: Quick flood repairs may delay state projects

WATERLOO, Neb. (WOWT)-- State projects could see delays due to the pressing road work being completed after the floods this spring.

A view of the West Center Road bridge over the Elkhorn River during the March flooding. (Courtesy of Nebraska Department of Transportation)

State officials say, all of the flood-damaged bridges have been repaired but we could still be feeling some effects.

Ty Young manages the Fire Barn and Grill in Waterloo, Young had to try and do business with Dodge Street damaged.

“There was only one way in and out of the town which is through Fremont,” said Young.

In 66 days, that area was repaired. That’s three weeks ahead of schedule, according to Thomas Parks with the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

“To work extra hours and weekends and put in extra time to get the bridges open as fast as possible,” said Parks.

Fixing this pressing damage could cause delays for other state projects.

“That money is spent from state reserves then we seek reimbursement from the federal government so there may be some impacts to our upcoming construction program and we’re currently analyzing that to determine exactly what it might be,” said Parks.

The hope is that the delay is minimal. It was important to get traffic moving on Dodge Road so businesses like Young’s restaurant could see customers.

Officials say bridges stood well against the flood across the Missouri River, and inspections occur every two years.