HEARTLAND FLOOD: Plattsmouth struggling to fix water treatment plant

PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. (WOWT) -- As Plattsmouth city leaders work nonstop to figure out how to get the water treatment plant there back up and running, a break in the Platte River is keeping the area around the property flooded.

It's a rush against time to fix the treatment plant.

Plattsmouth City Administrator Erv Portis said the road near the plant should have been visible by now.

"The water we see here today is really Platte River water," he said.

Just last week, the break in the Platte River was discovered after a helicopter flyover identified a problem nearly 2 miles north of the treatment plant.

The new flow of water was keeping flood levels around the property high.

"Unless that bank is repaired this is the new normal," Portis said, noting the break is 150 feet wide and about 17 feet deep.

Orange markers indicate where the road to the plant should be.

"We've flagged the road," he said. "We know where the road is, we're comfortable the base is there."

6 News visited the plant last month — by boat.

From contaminated filters to electrical fixes, damages inside are estimating $10-15 million. Officials said they hope to have the plant operational by Fall, but water levels haven't changed much since April.

Portis said there are a lot of ideas on the table to get the repairs done.

"Unless we raise the road, unless we repair the break in the bank, or unless we build a big dike out here somewhere..." he said. "It adds cost to it; adds time to it."

City officials plan to meet with stakeholders next week to see what solution they can come up with, and whether there's adequate funding to make it happen.