HEARTLAND FLOOD: Plattsmouth receives loan to repair water plant

PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. (WOWT)-- The city of Plattsmouth has been approved a loan of 6.1 million dollars to fix the water treatment plant after the heartland flood in March.

Flooding in Plattsmouth photographed by Marilyn Benner.

According to the city, there is currently one useable water well with temporary power. People living in the city have been asked to conserve their water.

The water also hasn't been clean since March.

The loan is dedicated to helping repair the water and wastewater facilities, according to the city. It will also pay their contractors.

Progress is being made. There are lights on inside the plant and workers are busy getting things cleaned up and ready for repairs.

Neil Frodermann, the Public Works Director, plans to have the facility up and running by August.

"This is the clarifier, that's what toughens the water going to Plattsmouth, we as a city crew have cleaned that up within the last 10 days, said Frodermann. "Over here are the filter medias, they're currently replacing and sucking out so, we're getting there just a slow process."