HEARTLAND FLOOD: Percival Iowa bands together for city-wide cleanup

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PERCIVAL, Iowa (WOWT)-- The city of Percival, Iowa bands together for a city-wide cleanup Friday after the heartland flood.

The city is getting an all-around cleanup, but over 70 volunteers are focusing their efforts on the playground, church, and the fire station today.

The town was hit hard by the flooding back in 2011 as well, according to the cleanup organizer, they recovered then and they will recover now.

“Everyone is just helping each other out, people are rolling wheel barrels around and helping someone to get over a curb if someone sees someone who needs help you just pitch right in even if you don’t know them,” said volunteer, Molly Jennings.

The Salvation Army from Council Bluffs was also in attendance to provide the volunteers with food and drink.

According to cleanup crew organizers, this is a two-day effort and will continue through Saturday.