HEARTLAND FLOOD: Nickerson, Neb. sees progress and setbacks after flood

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NICKERSON, Neb. (WOWT)-- Good and bad news for some community members of Nickerson, Neb., as progress is made after the floods.

The good news is, Highway 91 is now open and the commute for many is no longer over 30 mins.

The bad news is, some residents like Don Heruerman, still can’t get into their homes.

Repairs on the roads leading to some resident’s homes were not able to be made until the Highway was finished. Many homes are still stranded by sandy roads with no electricity or water.

Now that the road is finished, residents are waiting for answers.

“Every time we call them they say we'll get to it said when the state highway is done, and then when the highway was done, we called them and they said we gotta find the dirt. They said they need dirt, I said we can get you dirt,” said Heruerman.

6 On Your Side reached out to the Washington County Roads Department to get those answers, officials said they are working on a design and deciding how to move forward.

The Washington County Board of Supervisors meets Tuesday, the road is on the agenda.