HEARTLAND FLOOD: Mills County residents return home weeks after flood

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MILLS COUNTY, Iowa (WOWT) - Mills County announced on Friday that more residents under evacuation orders are allowed to return home.

The areas released from the mandatory evacuation order include the unincorporated areas of Lambert Ave. from 180th St. west to the Missouri River, 180th St. between Lambert Ave. and Kane Ave., Kane Ave. between 180th St. and Karns Rd. and Karns Rd. between Kane Ave. and Lambert Ave.

The residents in the area can visit their homes during daylight hours to assess the damage.

The re-entry route runs along the Plattsmouth Bridge from Nebraska, as it is the only route available currently.

Residents must replace the bridge closed sign when they cross.

Additionally, the residents of the addresses listed below were allowed to return to their homes on Wednesday:

21113 Kane Ave, Pacific Junction
21111 Kane Ave, Pacific Junction
21112 Kane Ave, Pacific Junction
59951 210th Street, Pacific Junction
59950 210th Street, Pacific Junction
59916 210th Street, Pacific Junction
20937 Kane Ave, Pacific Junction
21482 Kane Ave, Pacific Junction