HEARTLAND FLOOD: Mills County leaders fear lack of funding to recover

Published: Oct. 9, 2019 at 6:47 PM CDT
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More county roads closed Wednesday morning and there’s no real idea of how much more water might be on its way. Local leaders in Mills County fear the worst could still be ahead.

Carol Vinton is a Mills County supervisor and she’s worried about current rainfall and future snow, making things difficult for her county to recover.

Vinton says they’re doing what they can to prevent more destruction, but with the levees still down, there’s only so much they can do.

“When the Corps says they’re going to open the flood gates maybe just a little, that is devastation to us,” said Vinton.

As the floodwaters rise, so does the county’s bill.

“And so when the county doesn’t have the funding, how are we going to fix these roads, yeah it’s terrifying,” said Vinton.

The concern doesn’t end there, they’re also preparing themselves for a delay in collecting property tax payments. Victims waiting on buyouts might not be quick to pay.

"When they come in and think they're paying their taxes for this year, it's very difficult for our treasurer to say 'our taxes run a year behind, so you did have a house'. Well, when they have nothing or they've lost their jobs that's pretty rude and crude,” said Vinton.

Vinton says they’ve identified people who want to get back to their homes and are ready to check in on them immediately if the waters rise again.

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