HEARTLAND FLOOD: Mills County keeping close eye on rising water

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MILLS COUNTY, Iowa (WOWT) -- While many eyes are on Interstate 29 on Wednesday as the Missouri River rises, there are also water worries in Mills County.

It wasn't like this just a few days ago. People who live nearby said this was the worst they've seen it this year.

"I saw water running over this levee by the house here, it was pouring over it. When we backed out and left we had geysers in our yard," Mills County resident Wayne Strouder said.

IDOT was bracing for flooding Wednesday morning, closing outside lanes of Interstate 680 from the Missouri River to I-29.

A levee breach south of Glenwood was relieving some pressure from the Missouri River. The mayor of Pacific Junction said he was confident his town will stay dry during this round of flooding.

The surrounding farmland and previously flooded homes aren't so lucky

"The destruction all over is...it's...it's devastating to people," Strouder said.

Mills county Emergency management coordinator Sheri Bowan said, for now, all they can do is watch and keep residents updated.

"As we're monitoring that what we're seeing is, we already had standing water that is getting much deeper and we're a little unsure of what the overall effect is going to be," Boawn said.