HEARTLAND FLOOD: Glenwood boil order lifted, Pacific Junction residents return home

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MILLS COUNTY, Iowa (WOWT) - The boil order for Glenwood residents was released on Saturday, according to Mills County officials.

All bacteria tests were confirmed negative by the Department of Natural Resources, so water is once again safe for use.

The Glenwood Resource Center is a separate system and must remain on a boil order until that system passes sampling.

The water distribution site will remain open through Monday.

Additionally, Pacific Junction Mayor Andy Young announced residents living from Depot St. and the railroad tracks west to the city limits can return home.

Those returning to damaged homes must do so during daylight hours and can take 221st St. south from Glenwood to 195th St. north into town to gain access.

Mills County residents in the unincorporated areas of Lambert Ave. from 180th St. west to the Missouri River, 180th St. between Lambert Ave. and Kane Ave., Kane Ave. between 180th St. and Karns Rd. and Karns Rd. between Kane Ave. and Lambert Ave. can also return home via the Plattsmouth Bridge.