HEARTLAND FLOOD: Experts monitoring Missouri River levels

Published: Sep. 18, 2019 at 6:44 PM CDT
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The swollen Missouri River has once again become a growing concern for people living along the banks.

Experts say they're monitoring the Missouri River conditions hour by hour, from east to west, getting a clear timeline of when the river levels will increase — and by how much.


says they're keeping an eye on areas directly east and west of the Missouri River in Pottawattamie County. They say in the next 24 hours the river could rise anywhere from 6 inches to a foot.

"It's kinda adding the already vulnerable areas,"

Hydrologist David Pearson said.

Vulnerable areas include farmlands, homes in the flood plains and low lying areas, just east of the river.

"The substantial amount of flooding is already ongoing so this is already one or two miles, the Iowa side which will be impacted," Pearson said.

He said they've been working around the clock and are in constant contact with area leaders.

"The river is here, it's going to rise at least another foot and will crest sometime tomorrow," he said.

NOAA predicts the river will crest at 30 feet, that's one foot above the flood stage. Officials are keeping a tight watch on I-29 and I-680.

said dozens of homes will be affected by the floodwaters.

NOAA said they're continuing to monitor thunderstorms moving into the area that could add to an already swollen Missouri River.

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