HEARTLAND FLOOD: Evacuees living in RVs at state park for the past three months

Published: Jul. 1, 2019 at 3:21 PM CDT
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If you think you’re having trouble dealing with this recent heatwave, stop and think about the people who are forced to live in a recreational vehicle.

Some residents of Hamburg, Iowa who were flooded out of their homes are still living in Waubonsie State Park.

More than 40 campsites at Waubonsie are set aside for families displaced by the flood.

For the past few days the sun has brought temperatures in the 90s on flood victims now living at the park. Bob Reafleng has been living there for about three months and the recent heat wave has added to his misery.

“That’s been pretty bad. My air conditioner actually keeps up pretty good but other than that you just kind of stay in the camper you know, don’t really want to do anything outside.”

Bob’s mother Chris is also living in the park and this isn’t her first stay there.

Chris said, “It’s been horrible. I mean I was out here in 2011. I’m back here in 2019. We went home in November of 2011. Stayed that way in the camper until the new home was there. Now I’m back here. It’s just been horrible.”

The road leading to Chris’ home is really not there. She hasn’t been able to check on her place for weeks. Chris says she’s dealing with the heat better than others and for that, she’s thankful.

“I mean at least we’re not in a tent. We’re in an air conditioned camper so that seems to be tolerable.”

Both Chris and her son Bob plan to buy new homes and stay in Hamburg.

Even though Hamburg still wears the scars of last spring’s flood, its home. And this place is much better than living in a camper.

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