HEARTLAND FLOOD: Doctor credits community for flourishing fund-raiser

WAHOO, Neb. (WOWT) -- A simple fundraiser gathering gift cards has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help flood victims.

The campaign is the work of a Wahoo doctor who says the credit belongs to others.

Dr. Brianne Kling Petrocchi said this idea may have come from her but without the community, it would never have happened.

It all started with a simple post on Facebook. The family of five was left untouched by the flooding, but the same can't be said for their neighbors. Watching it all unfold Brianne and Mike knew they wanted to help.

Brianne put together the Facebook post for gift card donations to flood victims and within three days raised some $20,000.

Petrocchi said she has met some amazing people as a result of this and said Nebraskans give a whole new meaning to the term Nebraska Strong.

“They would have lost their entire home and they would have been like, ‘you should give this to someone else.’ And we would be like, ‘No, we want to give this to you.’

"I think it's the mentality of the Midwest and people in Nebraska that we don't ask for help and almost everyone we talked to had not gone to seek help whether they were so overwhelmed and didn't know where to start."

Brianne said the thanks belongs to people of the community, first responders and many unsung heroes. She said she feels incredibly blessed to witness this whole effort come together.