HEARTLAND FLOOD: Detour traffic congesting Iowa town

Published: Sep. 20, 2019 at 3:19 PM CDT
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Once again flood water is forcing highway traffic through the small town of Crescent, Iowa.

Old Lincoln Highway is usually two-lanes, but right now it is dealing with four-lane traffic, making the Crescent’s main street highly congested.

“Basically we have the interstate going through our small town, we see a lot of semis, campers, just a heavy flow of cars day and night,” said Tristan Morris, City Clerk.

A town that’s used to small-town traffic is now an alternate route for city commuters whose traffic apps aren’t picking up Interstate 29 road closures.

Brian Lewis owns the Crescent Road House right on the town’s main street. He believes the traffic situation might not improve anytime soon.

“Oh so I said six-months ago we [haven’t] seen the worst of it yet if they continue to release water up north it’s going to be bad,” said Lewis.

Crescent residents say tall semi-trailer trucks still ride through town despite signs warning them of an underpass that only has a clearance of 12-feet 5-inches.

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