HEARTLAND FLOOD: Deadline nears for Paradise Lakes, but still no word from management

Published: Apr. 19, 2019 at 6:26 PM CDT
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A deadline is fast-approaching for residents of 250 mobile homes ravaged by flooding.

The owners of Paradise Lakes near Bellevue set Sunday as the last day for removal of belongings so that refund deposits would be considered.

Kayla Lickly said the flood made her home unlivable and most of her furniture unremovable.

"Where am I going to put it? I can't take it to a dump, it's contaminated," she said.

Before returning any of her $1,700 deposit and prorated rent, Lickly is required to remove and dispose of all personal property left on the premises or the landlord will charge $2,000 do to it for her.

"Just seems funny that the estimated amount that it would cost is just above what most people's deposits and prorated rent would be," Lickly said.

A Facebook message from Paradise Lakes states that access to the community will be shut off at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Bellevue Police said they don't know what to expect when the deadline comes because they've had trouble communicating with the management and owner of Paradise Lakes.

Police have been unable to reach Howard Helm for a week, and they said that unless there are clear signs the community closed Sunday night, the officers won't take enforcement action against anyone going in.

"We need to have answers about the money," Paradise Lakes resident Mike Hoenig said.

He's moving to Texas and doesn't want to leave behind his $1,800 deposit.

"What's going to happen on Monday the 22nd? Are we going to see any of our money? Who knows, but the likelihood is no," Hoenig said.

The landlords have been flooded with emails from residents, but they're not responding.

Residents said they only have a post office box to contact management.

On advice from legal aid, several residents have sent letters demanding a refund of deposits and any rend paid just before the flood.

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