HEARTLAND FLOOD: Council Bluffs clears the latest rains from the streets

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) -- Public Works employees in Council Bluffs are fighting the good fight, pumping water off of city streets after Thursday morning’s storm.

Bluffs officials said they received about an inch-and-a-half of rain in a very short period of time and it might take a little longer to get rid of the standing water.

The rain caused street flooding on the western edge of Council Bluffs and some residents had to turn their pumps on again, pulling water out of their homes. Some we spoke with said this is the third time this year that water has filled their street.

Aaron Mueller said it did not get into his house this time, but it did come close. “Up to the end of my driveway here, up across the sidewalk into the yard here,” he said. “Pretty much every time it rains it does the same thing.”

Many people who live on the west side of the Bluffs have been pumping water for quite some time and Thursday’s rainy weather is cause for concern, “because I’ve been pumping water all summer,” Marian Fisher said. “It’s very stressful, yes. I was afraid the power would go out which it did for a few minutes.”

Council Bluffs Public Works officials said they’re doing all they can do to get the water off the streets.

Jeremy Noel, with Public Works, said, “We’re pumping all the water from inside the city, pumping it out as fast as they can. The inch-and-a-half of rain this morning didn’t really help us much.”

A lot of the rain that fell Thursday was making its way off of city streets. Council Bluffs officials are hoping the rain lets up for a while so they can pump the streets dry and remove barricades that block traffic.