HEARTLAND FLOOD: Bellevue woman fights for FEMA funding after flood

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BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT)-- A Bellevue woman has been fighting since April to receive the additional funds she needs from FEMA to get her home back together after the flood.

(FEMA / Andrea Booher)

Sheri Plymale lived in the Green Acre’s neighborhood when floodwater left her without a home.

FEMA sent Plymale a check for $22,000 to replace, clean and sanitized her home. That’s not what she believes she deserves.

FEMA deems Plymale’s house repairable. Those in her neighborhood with homes FEMA has declared destroyed are receiving $35,000.

“I want mine declared destroyed so I can get the rest of the funds I feel I deserve,” said Plymale.

The city of Bellevue has declared the home uninhabitable, now Plymale wants the same results from FEMA.

“I’ve had several phone calls to them and they say the same thing, first get a letter of condemnation, I go that for them, and then they say I want a contractors bid, for what,” said Plymale.

Plymale hoped that FEMA would pay her months ago, so she could move on.

Bellevue’s building official says that he’s sent documentation to FEMA that the house is beyond repair and he is confident the government is reassessing.

6 On Your Side, also sent information to FEMA headquarters, which is taking a closer look at the home owner's claim.