Grinch caught after stealing decorations

Published: Dec. 7, 2016 at 9:56 PM CST
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So how did the Grinch steal Christmas? Well luckily, it was all caught on camera.

What police call a “career criminal” has been cited for stealing holiday lights from a local family. The man is seen sneaking around Nicole Albers’ van, checking to see if the coast is clear then he grabs their holiday lights.

"It's strange,” said Albers. "It's pretty obvious he's done this before because the door was open and they were moving before he was all the way in the car."

She said the incident also spooked her little kids.

"There was a stranger on my property so not only did he steal lights but he kind of violated my family," Albers told WOWT 6 News.

Police said the man responsible, Kevin Hood, has a lengthy history of crime.

Omaha Police said the detective that pieced this theft together was actually on his way to interview Hood and bring him in for a completely different crime when he recognized him in the video.

"Was able to identify him and go and actually make two arrests I guess that day," said Officer Phil Anson.

Albers was glad to hear police went after the crook no matter how big or small her case was but she's still clueless as to why he'd even steal their lights.

"They're pretty, they're twinkly,” she said.

Either way, she hopes any Grinches out there will think twice.

"Don't do it. Is it worth breaking little kid's hearts?" asked Albers. "It's Christmas time. Maybe you needed them worse than I did but I have some kids that are pretty disappointed so hopefully you got what you needed out of them.”

Police weren't able to recover the stolen lights. Hood was only issued a citation for this theft, but he'll still have to face a judge and answer for his other suspected crimes.