Grandfather scammed after receiving fake call from granddaughter

(Photo: Pixabay / License Link)(MGN)
(Photo: Pixabay / License Link)(MGN)(KWQC)
Published: Apr. 30, 2020 at 7:19 PM CDT
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Most of us are spending more time at home which increases the chances you will answer a scam call. A senior citizen got one that cost him a lot of money.

She’s learned a lot from her 93-year-old grandfather but Megan Piece taught him how to answer her phone calls.

Megan Pierce, the granddaughter said, “From now on we give the code right?” Grandfather said, “Absolutely.”

A female caller pretended to be Megan.

Megan asks, “So she sounded like me and you didn’t question it at all.”

Grandfather said, “She had been crying and there was some sniffing of the nose.”

The Megan impostor claimed to be facing serious charges in a Camden county and needed $10,000 for bail.

“I think it was such a frantic phone call from jail Megan you know saying all this has happened and need to get it done because I’m in the general population in jail,” said Megan.

Her grandfather withdrew the money from his bank and the scammer correctly predicted the teller would ask him why.

The scammer instructed the 93-year-old to put all that cash into plain white envelopes, place them inside magazines and then stuff them in re-enforced envelopes to be shipped to a Rhode Island address.

But what’s supposed to the office of a bail bondsman is an apartment house, and proving who if anyone in the building picked up the package will be difficult.

Her grandfather scammed out of 10-thousand dollars.

“I wish I had been smart enough to say just hold on a minute and called you on another phone,” said her grandfather.

From now on every call between Megan and her grandfather won’t start with hello.

Megan asks grandpa, “What’s the code? I know what your code is!”

Police are on the case and have contacted authorities in Rhode Island where the money was shipped. Authorities say chances of recovering the money aren’t good so grandparents should be warned about how to recognize the scam.

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