Grad student donates Chipotle gift cards to Omaha police

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- A Creighton Graduate student donated 100 Chipotle Burrito Bucks to Omaha Police Officers Thursday to show gratitude for their service. The unnamed student said she was hoping to show her appreciation.

A note accompanied the gift cards, which OPD posted to their Facebook page Thursday. The note is shown below.

Dear OPD,
One hundred Chipotle “burrito bucks” have been donated to those that serve. These are redeemable at any Chipotle location for one free entree of your choice. I wish I had the resources to donate enough for all OPD active duty service members to indulge so that I could proclaim “No burrito left behind.” When (if?!) grad school pays off in the next few years, I will happily send more. Many, many more.
Special note to Paw Enforcement Officers: Chipotle *smells* delicious but is NOT healthy for your species. Each of you will be receiving your own special gift certificate for canine-friendly treats.
I know your work can be rough, but know that you can and do make a difference. Those stories are few and far between, and you may never truly know your influence...which is why I’m sending this message.

Once upon a time, in a ‘hood not too far away
Lived a girl who loved to ride her bike.
It was a crappy bike, but a bike nonetheless.
One day, a neighbor boy appeared
With a gleaming, brand new bike.
The girl wanted that damn bike. Badly.
The boy explained,
He started selling drugs
And with that money
he bought the bike.
The girl started asking questions
About this “game” and how it worked.
Over a few months she learned and learned
But still had not made a decision to play.
One day, there was a commotion in the neighborhood
Lights, sirens, neighbors walking down the street
The girl got on her crappy bike and went to see
What all the noise was about.
Several police officers were outside
the house of the boy with the bike.
Eventually, the boy and his cousin
Were dragged out of the house.
His mom was on the porch, screaming and crying
As the boy and his cousin were taken away.
The girl watched that mess and thought,
“I don’t want to be dragged out of my house.”
“I don’t want to make my mom cry.”
The next time you are dragging a suspect out of a house
And there are people gathered and watching that mess,
Know that -
Within that crowd
There may be a kid
On a crappy little bike
And after seeing that,
Going home that night,
And making the decision to go the other way.
The right way.
….……..except quite a few speeding tickets. Sorry.

- Omaha native, Creighton grad student, Chipotle enthusiast