Girls break gender barriers on the road to coding careers

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Young girls across the metro are already hard at work trying to find out what they want to do when they "grow up" and we met with some on Saturday who are learning skills to get into an unlikely field.

Girls break gender barriers on the road to coding careers

The girls are learning the skills to break into a career that's typically dominated by men: computer programing. And women already succeeding in it at ACI Worldwide in Bellevue are making sure the next generation can break the glass ceiling.

Deciding what you want to be when you grow up is hard for almost any 11-year-old and things are no different for Gauri Nair. But one thing that is different is she wants to get into a field that's historically dominated by men.

She said, “Women, they need to do a lot. They need learn how to code like it's not only a men’s thing."

Thirty-five other young girls joined Gauri in learning how to be the next generation of coders and ACI Worldwide is making sure they are ready by the time they enter the workforce.

The camp is designed to teach girls the basics of coding from a young age.

Jamie Mercurio, ACI Corporate Social Responsibility Director, said, “We really want to get girls interested early on in a safe space. That way they are able to feel comfortable and understand that this is an option for them out there."

The goal is to teach the girls different methods of coding and with that knowledge they are able to work in groups to build a game. The lessons learned from the camp can shape their futures.

Mercurio said, “Anytime you can learn coding, that's sort of a basic language that you can use in tons of different careers."

Beyond the education it's building a confidence in these young girls to help break away from the norm.